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Industrial Packaging srl is founded in Reggio Emilia by Omar Corradini together with his brother-in-law Roberto Petri, based on his twenty-year expertise in the industry. The company’s objective is the plastic manufacturing and distribution of materials for the food and industrial packaging business

Industrial Packaging Veneto srl is created thanks to the collaboration with Simone Palma, whose multi-year experience in the field of printing allowed this business venture to become a point of reference in the Pet food industry, meticulously developing the IP group product distribution in the Triveneto and foreign market.

Evotex srl is created, a company producing elastic nets for cooking and maturing, devoted to satisfying the demands of the meat industry, both fresh and cured.

Officially the first of its kind in Europe, a Clean Room devoted to the manufacturing of plastic materials destined for the food and biomedical sectors. The Industrial Packaging Group obtains the important BRC/IOP Packaging and ISO 9001 Certifications. After five years of constant growth, production is doubled thanks to the introduction of new state-of-the-art machinery.

After more than 29 years of activity, the Group has become an important economic reality and a point of reference for companies leading many different fields, most notably the slaughtering, fresh/cured meat processing, bakery and confectionery industries.

Today the Industrial Packaging Group has 5 logistical/production units spread across as many strategic areas in Northern Italy and can rely on an internal division dedicated to transport, capable of delivering orders within 24 hours.
Today the Group covers a 15.000 sq.m. overall area, with 60 employees and a 30 million euros total turnover.


Industrial Packaging srl


Industrial Packaging Veneto srl